The unique combination of properties

ExtPine® - unique natural product

The name ExtPine® - is a combination of two words: Ext – extract and Pine – name of plant.

Our product is a 'juice' of a pine trunk. It’s a biologically active water extract of a 'golden' pine trunk (Pinus sylvestris var. Mongolica) with a unique combination of cleansing, antimicrobial, softening and moisturizing properties obtained by the innovative technology of complex processing of plant’s raw materials.

ExtPine® is a colourless transparent liquid with a distinctive pineodor.

The new type of natural raw material.

ExtPine® is a brand new product from a high-quality pine wood. Production is located on the shores of Lake Baikal.

100% natural product

ExtPine® - ecologically
pure raw material

ExtPine® contains up to 40 active ingredients typical for the plants of Pine family (Pinaceae).

ExtPine® is a new type of natural raw material obtained by the innovative technology in accordance with all requirements for raw materials of natural products and cosmetics.

ExtPine® fully meets the requirements of the Technical Regulation of the Customs Union (TR CU 009/2011) on physical and chemical parameters and microbiological purity.

Can serve as an ingredient in cosmetics with cleansing, antimicrobial, antioxidant, deodorizing, smoothing and moisturizing effect.

Ideal for the production of natural cosmetics.

ExtPine® products can be certified in any system, including BIORUS system.

Innovative technologies

ExtPine® by Greenext®

Innovative technologies

The unique technological process and closed-loop waste-free production cycle. Neither water nor chemical reagents are used in the production

100% natural product

An ecological product and a new type of natural raw material obtained by the innovative technology in accordance with all requirements for raw materials of natural products and cosmetics

High-quality raw materials

The 'golden' pine, Pinus sylvestris var. Mongolica, is named after the special colour of its bark. This is a main subspecies of the common Pine that grows in Siberia

About us


GREENEXT® is a Russian manufacturer of natural raw materials for cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical industries. We have developed and implemented the innovative technology of complex processing of plant's raw materials which meets modern eco-friendly & zero-waste requirements with a careful attitude towards natural resources.

Our company has developed the unique method of industrial-scale production of water extracts with high biological activity from plant’s raw materials.

The company's head office is located in Moscow.

The production complex is located on shore of Lake Baikal.

Our technological process is organized in compliance with the Basic principles and requirements for the Baikal natural territory protection making the production more environmentally friendly.

Advantages of the new technology:

  • Does not emit any type of hazardous substances into the environment and does not cause any damage to the unique ecological system of Lake Baikal
  • Neither water nor chemical reagents are used in production
  • Closed-loop waste-free production
  • 100% natural environmental raw materials

The unique production

Biological activity of ExtPine®

Pine wood products have historically been used as key ingredients in antimicrobials, painkillers, anti-rheumatics, antiseptics, deodorants, diuretics, insecticides, strengthening agents and stimulators for the functioning of capillaries.

Pine wood products are applied in balneotherapy, aromatherapy, physiotherapy and massage.

ExtPine® contains the same biologically active molecules as some well-known plant products do and can serve as an ingredient for cosmetics with cleansing, antimicrobial, antioxidant, rejuvenating, deodorizing, regenerating and moisturizing effect.

One of the main advantages of ExtPine® as a natural water extract is that it can replace some ingredients in any cosmetic formulation providing an excellent basis for the high-quality natural products.

The best choice to produce a wide range of cosmetic products including lotions and gels for oily and acne-prone skin; body, hand and foot care products; refreshing skin mists; oral hygiene products; face masks; cleansing wipes and deodorants.

ExtPine® applications:

  • perfume and cosmetic products
  • products for healthy nutrition
  • plant-based medicines
  • personal care products
  • biologically active additives/dietary supplements